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Don’t gawk at residents still recovering from Sandy

We are making progress restoring the Shore, and tourist spots like Seaside are open. Unfortunately, hardest-hit areas haven’t changed.

Parts of Normandy Beach look like the war zone of Normandy Beach, France, during World War II. Many beaches in Ocean County, including my own, Deauville Beach, don’t even have access to the beach, let alone being open for the season. There are many yearlong residents still displaced without a home.

What disturbs me are the “gawkers,” those people taking their “Sunday” drives, flocking to see our misery. They drive slowly, holding up traffic and taking pictures like at some freak show.

I can understand their curiosity. However, what bothers me most is that every day I see these folks driving up and down the destroyed streets, and they never stop and offer their fellow man a helping hand. If you see us dragging garbage or shoveling sand, instead of snapping away or asking us stupid questions, do something constructive and offer assistance.

So, as parts of the Jersey Shore are kicking off summer this Memorial Day weekend and the throngs of cars are filling up the Route 35 corridor, remember to keep moving along and respect our privacy.

Across this great country, thank you to the countless people who have volunteered or who gave generously to come to the aid of Sandy victims. You embody the spirit of America. We are “Jersey Strong” and we will rebuild better than before.

Clint Williamson


Letter to the Editor (Asbury Park Press)

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