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We believe that the traditional construction processes in use today inadvertently separate owners, designers, architects and builders in ways that are counter productive, play “one against the other” and encourage an atmosphere of distrust and poor communication, which frequently results in poor quality and higher costs. The construction process itself has become the prime contributor to the low levels of quality and high costs experienced in the building industry today. Recognizing this fact, we have adopted and offer to you a more advanced process called Design-Build, which brings all parties together in a more efficient and cooperative spirit of partnership which will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Lower total cost to design and build your residence.
  • By sharing the architect’s and builder’s technical and field experience during the design phase a more cost-effective design is generated.
  • Early price testing of concepts prevents costly design changes after construction documents are complete.
  • A guaranteed maximum price is arrived at early in the design phase (before construction documents are complete) which insures you that your residence can be built as designed for a price that is within your budget.
  • You can occupy your residence sooner, since the Design-Build process is shorter than traditional construction methods. Earlier occupancy will lower your project carrying costs, and enable you to begin enjoying your new residence sooner.
  • Since you, the architect and the builder, acting as a team, jointly develop your requirements at the start of the project, all parties develop a sense of ownership for the project, greatly improving its chances of success.
  • Responsibility for the design, construction and satisfactory completion of your project is assigned to one organization, reducing “finger pointing” and communication problems that result in poor quality, expensive rework and delays.
  • Closer association and coordination between all of the parties involved results in a quicker response to design and construction issues that may arise.